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The Cliftones on The Rooftop at Georgia Theatre


Georgia Theatre
215 N Lumpkin St 30601 Athens United States
FREE || 18+

Doors: 7:30
The Cliftones: 8:30

"Rebel Sound recording artist, The Cliftones are a group of musicians, who together, create powerful music - a unique style of crucial, powerhouse roots reggae. In the true spirit of roots and culture, The Cliftones blend the sounds of a relentless dance groove with positive upliftment in the lyrical message. The result is an individual sound that is undeniably their trademark. The Cliftones just recently released their debut album "Enemeies Scatter" as well as winning 2016 Best Live Band CEA. Catch The Cliftones live and direct in your town."

web: http://www.thecliftones.com/

vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIrrtQ0UydI